KIAF is the top event in the advertising in Ukraine and one of the leading European festivals in advertising that took place in Ukraine for last 21 years since 2000.




KIAF is open to all companies and organizations involved in advertising, production, media, PR, design and creative industries throughout the world, including advertisers, media companies etc. The festival is international, entries are accepted from participants from all countries of the world.


The annual event brings together entries from leading communications agencies of Eastern European countries, Baltic states & other European countries.




The core thing of festival is the jury members that are recognized world experts in advertising and creativity, professionals of international level.




The festival format, contest rules and technique requirements and fully meet international standards.


That’s why KIAF is a kind of test drive of works before participating in the international advertising festivals/contests.  


KIAF is the good place for the creative industry to gather, network, exchange ideas, and collaborate with colleagues.




In 2021 KIAF will be held for the 22nd times, on May 26-28 in Kyiv. It is part of the contests program Ukrainian Creative Awards, which takes place at the event Ukrainian Creative Stories 


KIAF competition is divided into 4 main sections:







Each section is subdivided into contests and categories that reflect key directions in the advertising and creative industry. 


Creative Communications is focused on the big creative idea in different disciplines. 

Craft/Technology section is recognized creative excellence and brilliant execution in some of the key segments of advertising and communication production process.

Positive Change is rewarded and celebrated the brands and non-profits that are promoting the greater good through marketing communications.


Client`s View is evaluated industry projects and award creativity, originality of communication solution with account of its results to solve business tasks.


The core thing of festival is the jury members that are recognized world experts in advertising and creativity, professionals of international level.


In 2021 the contest will be judged by 8 jury teams. All sections are judged by Juries, featuring top industry professionals that are are multiple winners of international festivals/contests and members of international jury teams, including the Cannes Lions.


Entries in Creative Communications section will be judged by 4 international jury teams:

·  Film, Radio & Audio, Integrated & Innovation, Radio & Audio Craft Jury

·  Design & Branding, Print & Publishing, Out Of Home, Design & Branding Craft, Print & Publishing Craft, Out Of Home Craft Jury

·  Digital & Mobile, Media, Branded Content & Entertainment, Media Craft Jury

·  Brand Experience & Activation, PR, Direct Marketing, PR Craft, Brand Experience Craft and Direct Marketing Craft Jury


Entries in Craft/Technology section will be judged by 2 international jury teams:

·  Film Craft, Branded Entertainment Craft Jury

·  Digital & Mobile Craft Jury


Entries in Positive Change section will be judged a jury team of marketer and advertising agency judges with knowledge and expertise surrounding CSR or sustainability marketing.


Entries in Client`s View section will be judged by a jury team of most accomplished marketers. 


KIAF judging consists of viewing, voting, discussion and awarding of trophies.


Jury evaluates contest entries based on the 1-100 point scale. Judges independently of each other evaluate all entries.


Each jury team will have their Jury Chairman and after judging of all jury members he/she will review and determine the finalists and winners (Gold, Silver or Bronze winner) among all entries.


Each Chairman of each contest defines “Best of Contest” and the council Chairmen selects the “Grand Prix of the festival” among all gold winners of the festival. This year the festival will have four Grand Prix which will be chosen in each section: Creative Communications, Craft/Technology, Positive Change, Client`s View. Entries for non-profit organisations and charities aren’t eligible for the Grand Prix in Creative Communications, Craft/Technology, Client`s View sections but will be considered for the Grand Prix for Positive Change section.




The festival is included in the National creativity and craft ranking 2021 in Ukraine.