Call for entries 2021 - SUBMIT NOW 






There is no registration fee to enter work. However, there is a fee for each entry that you submit. These fees vary by deadline period.

Submission of work in each nomination is paid separately.

*All prices do not include VAT



Quantity discounts


10% - from 10 to 20 entries
20% - from 21 to 30 entries  
30% - from 31 and more entries

Discounts for members of All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition (Ukraine)


5% - for associated members of All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition (Ukraine)

20% - for actual members of All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition (Ukraine)

Discounts for other industry associations


20% discount will be applied to entries from members of other industry associations:
- members of the International Association of Marketing Initiatives (IAMI) (Ukraine)

- members of IAB Ukraine (Ukraine)

- members of Association of Communication and Marketing Agencies (ACMA) (Belarus)

- members of Association of Communication Agencies of Georgia (Georgia)

- members of Bulgaria Association of Communication Agencies (Bulgaria)

- participants of the festival of Red Jolbors Fest 2020 (Central Asia)

- members of Slovenian Advertising Chamber  (Slovenia)


Discount on the total amount of entries and discount for industry associations are summed up.




Payment for participation takes place after the completing of registration form on festival site. Invoices are formed on “request” which notifies directly from a site.


Important! By submitting entries into the competition, entrants are committing to pay for all entry fees in full.

All entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Please carefully check and re-check the credits and submitted materials when filling an entry form. You couldn’t edit entry form after sending request.


Payment Deadline: 25 April 2021


Entrants may arrange payment via bank transfer.  Account details will be given during the payment process.



Payment options:


1. Payment in UAH / EUR/ directly to Organizing Committee of the Festival.


2. Payment in BYN to the official representative of the Festival in Belarus:


Association of Communication and Marketing Agencies (ACMA)

Sergei Savchuk


+37517 2044117
+37517 2044227