Brand Experience & Activation, PR, DM & Craft

Karel De Mulder

Creative Director, AIR Brussels, Belgium

Born in Belgium, Karel De Mulder escaped a life of Excel sheets when he was 19, after overhearing someone one a train talking about advertising. Closing his books on economy, he went all the way to Miami Ad School to become an ‘educated’ creative. This being said, Karel already made his first ads at the age of 11 whilst selling contraband at his boarding school (with mayonnaise being his prime product).


About 11 years ago, Karel had the blessing to make his first steps into advertising at Kesselskramer, where he didn’t only fall in love with the profession, but where he found ‘gusto’ for side projects too.


After half a decade working at Duval Guillaume, Karel joined Air in 2019, a Brussels based agency with a long track record in creative excellence. Together with 3 advertising friends (with the emphasis on ‘friends’), he took the role of Creative Creative Director.


Over the years he won several Cannes Lions and got awarded at various award shows both nationally and interna- tionally. His favorite 3 words are ‘Yes’ & ‘Be happy’