Dax Martinez-Vargas

Comedy TV Commercials Director, D.G.A., USA

Dax has directed over 100 clever and highly visual spots internationally with BBDO, Droga5, Banda, Creature, Preacher, BBH, Mother, GMMB, Havas, Deutch and Sapient Nitro for brands such as Pepsi, Carling, Sky, MTV, Pizza Hut, Burger King, McDonalds, Coke and more. Dax has a natural talent for combining fresh humorous storytelling with premium film techniques to create cinematic moments that he upends with bonafide comedic surprises. 


Dax Martinez-Vargas studied film at the University of Texas while creating original comedic film content for Austin’s famed Alamo Drafthouse; it’s there he began fine-tuning his comedic skills and playing with audience expectations. Upon graduation Dax spent five years writing and directing promos in the MTV On-Air Promos department in New York. 


As previously half of a directing rap duo, Sniper Twins, Dax and his partner were also rappers in their spare time, writing, producing, directing and performing in original rap videos. The video “Computer Friends” went viral and it plus two other videos won partnerships with Seagate, Hershey’s and Adobe, putting the directing duo on the map. Now solo and more experienced and humor-savvy than ever, Dax spins comedy out of any script he touches. Unfazed by format, Dax approaches his craft with a constant drive to push the creative envelope, conquer limited resources and inspire his collaborators to embrace bold risks.